Christmas Is All About Giving

Give Until it Hurts

Turn on your television at any time during the Christmas season and you will see every charity from saving animals to helping the homeless spending precious advertising dollars in order to get even more dollars for their prospective causes. Generally, there’s not too much humor involved with these ads. These organizations want you to give till it hurts, preferably to them, and who could blame them? If you plan accordingly, a generous donation to one of these organizations makes great Christmas gifts, and can be like killing two birds with one stone. The charity will enjoy the gift, and you can give the gift in the name of another and present that person with the details of the gift you gave in their name. It’s a win-win situation.

 Give Big Things

Without the guarantee of eternal life, nobody is sure if they will be around for next Christmas. While entertaining Christmas gift ideas, think big. Think in terms of how much can you afford. Your wife or daughter would most likely enjoy another gift certificate to their favorite clothing store, but they’d enjoy a sports car a whole lot more. If they already have a fancy car, think about a boat or a jet ski. Why stop there? How about a house or a nice piece of lakefront property? If you’re rich you can give anything their hearts desire, but in almost every case, the only thing the hearts want is your time. Time is the biggest of big things because it is promised to no one.

 “Hard to Buy for” People

There’s always going to be one person on your list that has been traditionally impossible to buy a gift for. Either the person is elderly and isn’t really physically capable of enjoying presents like downhill skis or bowling balls, or they have been wealthy their whole lives and have been able to always buy whatever they wanted. Whatever the reason, look for gifts that have the potential to make them laugh. Funny gifts do not have to cost a lot of money. From a simple beer or coffee mug with a funny saying on it, to a funny apron they can grill-out in, humorous gifts never go out of style.

 Expect Nothing

If you’re one of the people that enjoys giving Christmas gifts, but for some reason feel strange or guilty receiving presents, you are not alone. When you expect nothing, you are appreciative of everything.

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