3 Ways to Get More Hits on Your Food Blog

You’ve created some wonderful recipes over the years, and you want to start sharing them with the world. The fastest and easiest way to get your recipes out there is to create a food blog. The only problem is that you have a lot of competition, and your blog might not gain popularity for a while.

If you are ready to create your food blog (or update your existing food blog), check out these three ways to get more hits (and maybe even go viral).

1. Videos

While everyone loves a good recipe, sometimes grabbing readers’ attention takes a little more than writing down instructions. Adding videos to your food blog will give you the added bonus of your readers sharing your blog over and over again. The trick with making a great recipe video is to cut it properly. You don’t have to sit there and talk to the screen while your bed is rising. This can become daunting for readers, and make them feel as though the recipe takes too long. Keep your videos short and informative.

2. Photos

Great photos are what really makes your recipe shine. If you aren’t that great at taking pictures of your food, consider finding a food photographer in Los Angeles, CA. They can help you get the perfect image of your food. This is a great way to show the different angles as well as the different elements in each of your recipes. Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to get your food blog noticed.

3. Personal Stories

If you’ve ever watched cooking shows on television, you know little snippets of chef’s lives. For example, they’ll tell you about a great vacation they took that inspired a recipe they are making. The reason food shows do this is because people love to hear little stories while they learn. Be sure to add a little personal story to each of your posts to give your readers little snippets. The trick to adding a great personal story is to keep it short. You don’t have to write a diary entry, simply tell your reader where your inspiration for the dish came from.
When it comes to boosting views on your food blog, you should create videos and hire a food photographer in Los Angeles, CA. Also, don’t forget to add a little personal story to each recipe post.

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