Popular Sports Where it is OK to Wear a Watch

Some of the most famous athletes on television promote watches, which seems counterproductive to their profession given how watches and other jewelry can come of the way of playing the game properly. However, certain mainstream sports are structured enough where you can get away with showing off your fancy wrist device while continuing to play the game without any major interruptions. Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta should be aware of these types of activities so they can be more aware of when it is and is not safe to keep their watch on while playing.


Golf is a game that requires a lot of physical activity, but not as much fast or rough experiences to put your watch in danger. You are not running around or interacting with an opponent closely. You just swing your arms back and forth with a pendulum motion and hope for the best. Some golfers may not prefer to have it on to keep their wrists loose, but some prefer a tight wrist and might find those who constantly check their phones on the course to be lacking in etiquette. Just make sure it is not too loose to prevent it from repeatedly sliding up your arm whenever you take a huge swing out of that ball.


Tennis is a sport where players are mixed on wearing a watch, but it offers more freedom than the majority of other sports. While there is running involved and it is much faster than golf, tennis is still just you on your side hitting a ball to an opponent on the other side. The opponent is not near you to the point where they can knock it off or roughhouse it like in basketball or football. Some might not appreciate the weight it puts on your wrist and how it affects your game but keeping track of time might be necessary if you want to preserve your stamina during the match.


Most cardio exercises you perform outside can benefit Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta. Running with a fancy watch might be weird, but at the same time, it might be necessary. If you like going out later in the evening, you need to get back before it starts getting darker out. Both sketchy people and unfriendly animals come out at night and can put you in danger, so a watch can help you watch your distance and how long you should stay outside for before turning in for the day.

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