CBD Pills as an Alternative to Vaping

CBD oil has been making headlines for a while as a go to alternative to pharmaceuticals when it comes to chronic pain. However, while vaping has become a popular method for using CBD products, that won’t work for everyone. If you have asthma, or other breathing related problems, then vaping is not a solution for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on harmful pharmaceuticals to deal with your pain. CBD also comes in the form of pills, and while there’re certain differences between the two, the end effect is pretty much the same. If you’re going to stick to pills, consider using CBD pills instead of the medicine your doctor prescribed, but only if you want to live longer and not develop serious side effects associated with many pharmaceuticals on the market.

Differences Between CBD Pills and Vaping

Smoking anything will cause whatever substance you’re smoking to take affect faster, compared to ingesting it. This is because smoking, or vaping, provides a faster pathway to your brain by diffusing directly into your bloodstream, rather than passing through your guts and liver. If you need immediate relief, then vaping CBD is the ideal solution for you. Ingesting CBD on the other hand, takes much longer to take affect because it has to be processed by your gut, then your liver. There’s also the issue of how much CBD you actually take in. According to some studies, the oral bioavalability of CBD is roughly 15%, or in other words, for every 100 mg of CBD you consume, only 15 will actually enter your bloodstream. On the other hand, vaping CBD raises that bioavalability to almost 60%. This means that those who ingest CBD need more of it to have the same affects as vaping. However, since CBD is relatively harmless, even if you can’t deal with vaping, taking a few more CBD pills should do the trick.

CBD as an Alternative to Pharmaceuticals

One of the most important aspects of choosing to go herbal instead of pharmaceutical is the tolerance factor. Tolerance is something you have to deal with when it comes to CBD pills or pharmaceuticals: the more you take, the more you’ll need in the future to get the same affect. However, since CBD oil isn’t physically addictive, the tolerance factor isn’t as bad when compared to western medicine, and it will never kill you, which is something you cannot say for pharmaceuticals.

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