What Is Fibre Optic Internet?

If you’re interested in upgrading your internet, you may be aware that fibre optic broadband is a newer option, compared to DSL and cable internet services. How is fibre optic broadband the superior type of internet? This technology is spreading worldwide and may soon take over areas that were once run by DSL and cable internet providers.

These are the features of fibre optic and a brief overview of how it works. Finally, you’ll learn why this is the superior technology for receiving internet access.

About Fibre Optic

Fibre internet provides access to internet through fibre optic lines. While DSL and cable internet technology uses copper lines to electrically transmit internet, fibre optic uses glass or plastic strands that are very, very thin to transmit what are known as binary light transmissions. Binary code is a number system using just 0 and 1 to represent complex commands, instructions, and data.

Fibre optic internet has been shown to be far faster than other forms of internet like DSL and cable. Here’s why.


Essentially, the speed of internet depends on how much data the system can handle, or the badwidth. While copper wires for DSL and cable internet are limited, fibre optic lines are able to transmit more data, faster. This means faster download times, faster streaming, quicker gaming, and better responsiveness.

Because fibre optic lines carry modulated light, not electricity, they have a higher bandwidth. A fibre optic network is simply better and handling your internet needs. Because many websites and social media services now are more complex than ever, you need a higher broadband and internet speed in order to have a full, convenient experience online.

Getting Fibre Optic Internet

So where can you find fibre optic broadband internet? You can search online for companies that will help upgrade your service, like DASAN Zhone Solutions. It’s simple and fast to install fibre optic internet at your home or business. When they replace your internet, your new fibre optic provider will install small fibre optic cables for faster, more reliable internet. While it’s not available everywhere just yet, most homes or businesses can have a professional team stop by their property and install fine fibre optic cables. And in just a matter of hours, you’ll have a better internet experience. Call DASAN Zhone Solutions today to learn more about pricing, availability of fibre optic internet near you, the special features of this service, and more.

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