Delightful Gifts for Dad

Happy Father’s Day! Whether you have a father, dad, daddy, papa, padre, what have you, they are half of the team responsible for bringing you to life. The best dads are attentive, wise-cracking, hard-working, and most importantly one of your biggest role models. So, what do you get for your dad on this special day in June? You could go for the traditional tie or “world’s best dad” coffee mugs, or, if you want to do something a little more special, you can go for these unique Father’s Day gift ideas:

Make It!

Are you a creative type? Apply your creativity and imagination to create a one-of-a-kind gift that your father will love. Artists can craft a portrait to hang up on the wall at the office, or to craft their own specialty mugs and novelties; digital artists can design a nice t-shirt to commemorate the year or a funny photoshopped masterpiece to share on social media; and kids can doodle up a storm in order to make a piece perfect for the refrigerator.

Customize It!

Why not make an inventive twist on the classic Father’s Day gift? Many online and local novelty stores offer personalization options for any special occasion, from Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts to Christmas items, to birthdays and anniversaries. Put their name on a nice coffee mug, their own liquor decanter set, or even the apron grill for a heartfelt twist on gift classics.

Humor It!

Sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones that can make them laugh. There are a ton of gag gifts available for dads, whether it’s a throw pillow with obscenities, a book full of terrible “dad jokes,” or a T-shirt that almost every dad can relate to.

Wing It!

If your father is the non-picky type – or if he’s just the kind of person who says “I don’t know” every time you ask them what they want – then try your best to remember what his interests are. Is he a sports fan? Try to find him a jersey or a collectible trinket from his favorite team. Does he love electronics? Give him a film, a video game, or an addition to his home entertainment center to make him happy. Finally, dads who like to exercise could never have enough weights, running shoes, or athletic clothes.

With so many ideas in front of you, it’s easy to get your dad the gift of his dreams. Start planning out the perfect Father’s Day gift before next June.

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