Good Reasons to Use Outside AV Rental Providers

For professional meeting or presentations using in-house AV equipment at a conference center or hotel is easy and quick solution. However, meeting planners can save cost as well as expect great service working with the outside AV system rental companies rather than in-house recommended rental providers. If you are skeptical then here are some good reasons to use outside AV rental providers for your project.

You can hire 3rd party

Some venues earn commission while booking AV services of specific recommended providers. Sometimes this kind of service comes at a cost. You can negotiate to bring a personal AV rental provider because the venue owner may apply extra charges in bringing 3rd party equipment.

Majority of venue owner will not prevent planners from bringing their personal rental company [they will not risk a customer for earning a little commission]. To bring a personal AV rental provider is a good idea, so as to hypothetically cut down the in-house costs.

State-of-art technology and equipment is available

Visit to get an idea of the latest equipment they offer to their customers. You get the best equipment partnering with established outside AV rental providers. Moreover, they hold plethora of options to allow clients select the precise models that suit their needs. They have advance projection and technology, best sound and lighting equipment, LED video walls, etc. These can improve user experience as well as presentation quality.

Dedicated onsite technicians

The in-house AV Company’s at hotel facility are responsible for many event occurring simultaneously around the venue and can lack experience to offer appropriate solutions during glitches. On the other hand, if you bring a personal AV rental provider than you pay for committed technician support all through the event.

Experience to coordinate multiple events

The in-house AV rental services offer support to events occurring in many locations at the same time but to gain consistent and quality service, it is wise to hire outside technicians specializing in worldwide event coordination.

Easily handle last minute additions

Even if your event is planned carefully, there can be last minute necessary equipment additions. In-house AV system providers can have equipment stored onsite but the special gear necessary may not be available or be in use at some other client’s venue event. Hiring an outside AV rental provider that can accommodate last minute request can put your mind to rest.

Equipment and service options

An AV rental firm of your choice can give more AV equipment as well as services option. You can choose from different options, while staying within budget. With so many options, you will certainly get equipment that precisely fit to your event specifications.

Consistent pricing

The in-house AV equipment, costs and services often differ depending on location. For business planners planning events in many cities can save money hiring outside AV Rental Company. It offers onsite consistency, single contact point and flat pricing for your event’s multiple venues.

No hidden fees

Sometimes in-house AV provider’s bill extra for technician time or troubleshooting without client’s knowledge but a reliable outside provider gets approval first, so you never get surprised.

You are now aware of the good reasons to consider for hiring outside AV providers rather than choosing in-house services.

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