What To Look For In A Good Hospital Pneumatic Tube System And Why It Matters?

Patients tend to consider about factors like experienced and skilled doctors, committed nurses, friendly staff, proper medications, comfy beds, etc., especially when it is about getting hospitalized for taking treatment. Minor details like the 4” or 6” pneumatic tubes are hardly considered. These little things make a lot of difference. What are pneumatic tubes?

Pneumatic tube system is an advanced technology that helps to transport products to nearly any room. For instance, if a patient needs instant medication than a 4” pneumatic tubes safely and rapidly transport it to the required receiving station. It saves lives, money and time. Being aware that the patients will be taken care of efficiently relaxes the staff and enhances their performance.

As the efficiency of pneumatic containers that move materials through the hospital is revealed, the medical facilities need to do some research first, prior installing this system. A bad system can hinder and be the reason for the hospital’s downfall.

What to look for in a good pneumatic tube system?

Solid engineering

The device structure is the trademark of solid pneumatic tube products. Some of the features to look for in good pneumatic tubes are –

  • The pneumatic carriers are reinforced with specific latching, so ensure that it slides of easily or the new medical personnel will find it hard to operate it.
  • Pneumatic tubes are available in many colors like red, blue, green, black, and yellow. Specific colors can be designated to carry specific samples or materials making it easy for the admin to operate.
  • A brush will be provided for sterilization, so as to ensure safe and clean environment for material transportation.

Proper breakage prevention measures

Hemolysis is an occurrence, where the red blood cells get destructed prior their lifecycle expires. The tubes manufacturers have recognized such breakage incidents and taken preventive measures to resolve this issue. Craftsmanship and sturdiness is crucial, so the manufacturers designed a thoroughly reinforced system with high quality and enhanced security. It has made transporting samples reliably and safely.

RFID tag compartments

RFID tags are very useful in a hospital transportation system as the overall transactions in the facility from the beginning to end gets managed and documented. The admin is aware and in more control of the minor details that occur within the hospital.

Reasons enhanced pneumatic tubes matter

Medical standards have changed over the years and today accuracy is key component to diagnose medical condition or a disease. In a modern hospital, transporting samples quickly, securely and efficiently is a must. Samples that reach the lab station for quick analysis and results means saving lives.

Pneumatic tube system has been around for a century but its acceptance in medical facilities has increased past few years. Biological or blood sample transporting on foot is very time consuming. Therefore why waste minutes, when transportation gets completed in seconds, thus allowing the staff to focus on other concerned matters.

Drugs can be delivered to accurate department rapidly, thus saving time and alleviating the chances of human errors like losing the prescription or product.

The bottom line is that pneumatic tube system decreases delay time of transporting blood samples to the lab or getting results from the lab the ER!

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