Etiquette of High-School Graduation Party

As a teenager, high-school graduation can be considered as a major milestone of your life. Therefore, you are certainly entitled to celebrate this occasion with a grand party to honor your accomplishment.

However, many parents are not too sure about the college graduation party ideas and hence they are little hesitant to host any party. The etiquette of such parties can often be very confusing however such kind of party brings out many questions that were not answered before.

There are no clear or any special rules available for such parties however we will touch upon few general etiquettes so that you can throw a party for your teenager child.

Friends or family-friendly party

You may find little difficulty to decide whom should you invite for the party. Will it be ok to invite only within family members or also include friends too?

Will you like your grandma to attend a party where many teenagers are making noise? Perhaps you may consider separate party with friends and then with family. However, if you find that teenagers are not so rowdy then you can host a single party and save some money.

You may also discuss with your teenaged child to take your decision.

Open house

If you declare in advance that you are going to conduct an open house exclusively for teenagers, then perhaps elders may get the message and can prefer not to attend that particular portion and leave the party.

This will keep the crowd of same age group. If any elders are ready to attend it then it will be entirely their own choice and they cannot complain for that.

During the invitation itself you can clearly say no gift is required.

Party hosting etiquette

In case, you decide to give a party instead of open house then try to keep it as simple as possible. You can make it absolutely clear to all your guest well in advance. It will be ok if you serve simple food or snacks. If you include RSVP in the invitation then you will also have an idea about number of guests.

Some hosts may take this opportunity to give certain advice in their life. However, keep the party little laid back and you are not supposed to provide lots of entertainment in such party.

Gift etiquette

Your teen must not open the gift during the party as by doing that it can embarrass those who has not come with any gift. In case any guest expresses regret for failing to bring any gift then you can politely tell them that gift was not necessary at all.

If you at all interested to bring gift then you can bring any motivational book or personal development related book which will be more appreciated. Any card with motivational message will also be good enough.

Purchasing gifts for many other graduates

In case, your teen decides to offer gifts to his or her friends in appreciation of their support during school days then there is no need to buy any expensive gifts.

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