Fight PTSD using Cannabidiol

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is linked to war veterans. However, this affects those, who have been subjected to traumatic experiences like assault, sexual abuse, kidnapping, air crashes, road accidents, police officers, and fire fighters. The list could go on. The only thing that connects all of them is that, they have gone through frightening and harrowing experiences, which has damaged their emotional stability hugely.

These sufferers experience severe anxiety, nightmares and illusion of impending danger. They cocoon themselves in isolation, numbness, guilt or fear. Medical marijuana is that miracle drug, which helps them in regaining their logical and rational capabilities, to lead a normal life, as much as possible.

How cannabidiol works

Freezing symptom is the most common tangible indicator for fear. This is a common characteristic of predatory animals. People, who have been through severe trauma, freeze at the least indication of an unpleasant situation. They are extra vigilant by the second, expecting that the traumatic experience would come back. This affects their normal routine and lifestyle.

Cannabidiol helps in reducing the memory of fear. The long-term regressive effects of fear are slowly removed from the memory store. Another impact of administering cannabidiol is to increase the levels of anandamide in the system. This is a naturally forming cannabidiol compound in our bodies.

PTSD sufferers have anandamide deficiency. Introducing cannabidiol helps the body to boost their production. In a healthy human body, anandamide helps in CB-1 receptor signalling, which helps in forgetting and erasing traumatic memories? This is a survival technique. With deficit amounts of anandamide, this signalling is weakened and there is unwanted accumulation of fearful memories and chronic anxiety.

Cannabidiol vs prescription pills

  1.  Efficiency – Various studies suggest people preferred taking cannabidiol to opioids, in managing pain. In a matter of 20-30 minutes, cannabidiol relieves pain.


  1. Side effects – Nausea, dizziness, stomach related ailments, low sex drive, fatigue, increasing dependency on the pills etc. can be avoided with cannabidiol.


  1. Way it works – Prescriptions pills block pain and introduces hormones synthetically. But, cannabidiol boosts endocannabinoid system and heals the body naturally.


  1. Cost – It is a common knowledge that prescription drugs are very costly, when compared to medical marijuana.


 The intake can be in the form of edibles or pure spectrum CBD oils or vaping. The dosage depends on the individual’s weight, lifestyle and biochemistry. Initially, a dosage of 25mg cannabidiol is advised. For chronic pain and illness, increase the dosage slowly, until you can feel relief. However, it is advised to consult an experienced medical practitioner for medical marijuana.

There are various forms of cannabidiol products in the form of ingestible, smokables and topicals. The oil is the one of the easiest from to get absorbed into the body. You can opt for tinctures, vape cartridges, edibles, isolates or concentrates. The choice depends upon your illness and comfort in the method of intake.


 Cannabidiol is as effective, for temporary ailments as for chronic ones. It is good in giving a healthy dose of sleep to prevent traumatic experiences that stall your life. When administered in the right proportion, it is a miracle drug.

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