Few Popular Variety of Japanese Tea

Japanese tea is considered to be a well-known beverage worldwide. It is a healthy and delicious drink. The history of Japanese tea can be traced back for more than thousands of years, when tea drinking had been first introduced in Japan by Chinese Buddhist monks.

You can also buy different varieties of Japanese tea from the package of Bokksu tea and in this post, we shall talk briefly about few of the popular Japanese tea.

  1. Matcha

Matcha is certain special kind of green tea, which is made from the tea plants that are grown under the shade. Due to this reason, the tea leaves can grow finer and larger, and can produce more chlorophyll.

This is the reason why matcha tea becomes bright green colored tea with bitter and sweet flavor.

  1. Sencha

Sencha, is another popular tea in Japan. However, sencha tea is grown under full sun, that gives it a very dark color and also more astringent flavor.

This green tea can boost energy without much of caffeine like coffee. You can prepare both hot tea and iced tea.

  1. Hojicha

Hojicha tea is made from roasted leaves and stems of the tea plants that is harvested during the later part of the season.

Hojicha originated during 1920s, when tea merchants of Kyoto began roasting tea stems on charcoal in order to create warm and nutty flavor almost similar to roasted coffee beans.

  1. Mugicha

Another roasted tea Mugicha, which is made from the barley roasted and infused in the water. It is totally free of caffeine and has smooth flavor having no bitterness at all.

One can serve Mugicha both as hot or cold, which is a popular chilled summer drink in Japan.

  1. Genmaicha

Genmaicha tea is made by mixing green tea along with roasted rice. The bitterness of green tea is reduced by adding the additional roasted, nutty flavor of rice.

For obtaining additional flavor, it can be combined with many other types of tea, e.g. matcha and hojicha.

  1. Sobacha

Sobacha is another type of tea that is produced from buckwheat kernels in roasted condition. It can be served both hot or cold, which has wheaty and earthy flavor with smooth texture.

Besides, being caffeine-free, sobacha tea contains antioxidants and also offers dietary fiber.

  1. Gobocha

This kind of tea is made from roasted gobo root, which is a root vegetable that is popular in all types of Japanese cooking. While making tea, gobo offers intensely earthy flavor which is same as mushroom broth.

Off late Gobocha has become quite popular in Japan as people believe that it can offer anti-aging benefits.

  1. Kombucha

In western countries kombucha is a kind of fermented tea that is made with bacteria and yeast. However, in Japan, this tea is something made quite differently. This is made on kelp seaweed base.

When it is brewed in the Japanese kombucha tea, then it will produce a slightly salty and rich tea which is almost broth-like. This Kombucha tea can also be mixed with ume for creating a tart and rich tea, which is full of flavor.

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