Smartphones and Apps Are Making Healthcare Easier for Staff

Smart phones make life easier for millions of people every day. Professionals in the healthcare industry are even more in need of the benefits these devices offer. New smart devices are germ-resistant, and HIPAA compliant text messaging apps make communication even more efficient. Here are some more ways that smart technology is making work more efficient for healthcare staff.


You may not have heard of a clinical smartphone yet, but you probably will soon. These devices are incredibly valuable to healthcare workers. They allow better communication, barcode scanning, instant patient information updates, and more. Some of the smartphones on the market have a durable outer layer to prevent the spread of germs, and protect the phone so it can withstand strong cleaning chemicals. They also have enough battery power to last through a 12-hour shift.

Besides being mobile, clinical smartphones are instant. Doctors can collaborate with colleagues in real time. Nurses can update charts instantly. And in a profession where every second counts, having instant communication and updates is invaluable. Nurses benefit from being able to text, take calls, and update medication instantly. The use of barcodes in medical fields is only growing in importance, and having a barcode scanner available on-hand is a great way to help staff work more efficiently.


The capability of the apps for these smart devices is incredible. The apps available for healthcare professionals will be able to instantly access patient history, medication information, scans, x-rays, primary doctor information, and more. This saves the nursing staff valuable time. With the app remembering all of the details, they are able to provide better care and work more efficiently.

As the market grows for smart devices in the hospital industry, the availability and range of apps grows as well. There are apps that translate medical Spanish, provide video conferencing, and send radiology and lab results. There are also apps to help hospital administrative staff fill shifts and provide better HR.


Communication is key in the healthcare industry, and time is of the essence. Thanks to smart devices doctors and surgeons can now conference in, call, or securely text colleagues instantly and get much needed advice sooner than ever.

Instead of having to track a colleague down in the building, or coordinating schedules to meet, you can simply call or text them via HIPAA compliant text messaging apps. The possibilities are only beginning to be explored with this valuable and necessary technology. 

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