Stand on Your Own Two Feet (Unless They Are Broken)

Foot and Ankle

As body parts go, the feet and ankles have the important job of keeping humans standing and moving. Feet and ankles by their very nature get a lot of daily use, experience extreme wear and tear, and are prone to injury. Due to their position on the body and importance in supporting the body as a whole, it is important address any injury to the foot or ankle promptly to avoid life long mobility issues.

Many humans by nature put off seeing healthcare professionals because they think an injury isn’t that serious, or can be healed or managed by at-home treatments. In some cases that may be true, but for injuries to the feet or ankle it is truly better to have it evaluated by a professional to avoid future issues with mobility.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Injuries to a foot or ankle can be very common because the feet and ankles are in use all day, every day for most human beings. Along with the extreme use, many do not properly care for their feet and ankles, which makes them prone to more injury. There are so many ways a foot or an ankle can be injured; from common injuries like rolling an ankle or issues with pain due to unsupportive footwear, to more impactful injuries that occur from exercising or sports.

When an injury occurs, it’s important to get the injury evaluated as soon as possible because of how important the feet and ankles are to proper body function. If left untreated, it can cause life-long mobility issues. In cases of severe injury, primary care doctors may refer the patient to a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta.

Any foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta will be able to properly evaluate the extent of the injury and confirm the suspected diagnosis of the primary care physician.  Then they will consult with the patient, advising what type of surgery is needed, how long the patient will be in recovery and what the patient will need to do to help speed the recovery process along. In some cases it might not be severe enough to require surgery, but the patient will still be referred to an orthopedic ankle specialist in Atlanta to identify a course of treatment.

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