Everything You Would Like to know about Breadsticks

Breadsticks as the name suggests is bread shaped in a stick or pencil form. They may be in bulky or in slim shape. It may seem to be the latest version of loaf of bread however its origin of making is stated to be in the 14th century. It is termed to be one of the most favorite food items introduced by an Italian for the worldwide foodies to enjoy.  The breadsticks are known popularly in Italy as Grissini and in Spain it is asked as Rosquilletas.

Why breadsticks have become quite popular?

It is most commonly used as appetizers. In restaurants it is served with sauce and soup. They even serve it with prosciutto. As it is a dry variety of bread mainly in homes it is used as appetizers. As it tastes like common crackers people usually like to eat it along with salads, soups and even with spaghetti.

Children and teenagers love to dip deliciously cheesy breadsticks in varied kind of chocolate and cheesy sauces. In parties it is used as finger foods for people to enjoy before the main course is served. Usually they measure around 10cm.

How it is accepted worldwide?

Many leading food manufacturing companies and popular bakers promote the marketing of breadsticks. The commercial breadsticks are freshly available, cost effective and is of varied kind of flavors. The popular varieties of breadsticks highly marketed are garlic bread stick, cheesy bread stick, spice flavored breadsticks, cauliflower breadsticks and the list go on. Some like the sticks to be crispy and some love to taste it in semi crispy form.

What are the basic ingredients of breadsticks and how it is prepared?

Mainly they are made from wheat flour, yeast, salt, fat and edible oil. You can say that the dough is exactly made like bread and then it is rolled and shaped into thin strips. They are baked in oven for twenty to twenty-five minutes or until it is golden-brown in color.  Some of them cooled considerably to make them dry helping to increase their shelf life and suitable to be dipped in soups.  Bakers like to add different flavors like a pinch of brown sugar, garlic powder or chocolate flavor essence.

Unlike bread, this stick can be stored in refrigerator as they won’t lose their tasty texture. You can make them at home in varied shape like twisted twigs, in zig -zag shape or shape them like bow.

Bread sticks are stated to be healthier by dieticians compared to white bread, pasta and noodles. As the main ingredient used in making breadstick is wheat flour which has less percentage of carbohydrates. It is good stomach filling food, thus having it in breakfast will keep you away from snacking till your lunch hours.  Eating it with salad or veggie meal is the perfect way to have a good meal anytime.

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