5 Reasons Why Adults as Well as Kids Should Go For Symphony Concerts

There is no one word which can describe the experience of going at a symphony concert. Listening to the live music is just so satisfying for all the senses. Your mind is concentrating, accepting and cherishing the music coming from many different points. If you have never been to one, you have to go to understand how emotionally involving the entire performance is.

5 reasons why adults must go for a symphony concert

  1. It is something new: For many people going to a symphony concert is all about trying something new and unusual. Well, give it a try with the same intention. Just convince your friend to check it out, and you will definitely not regret the idea. It will be beautiful and relaxing, and of course it is something about which you can proudly Tweet, Instagram and Facebook about. So, to know more about upcoming symphony concerts checkout NWS New York today.
  1. Impress that special one: You cannot argue with the fact that going to a symphony concert is definitely classy and sophisticated. You can take your date or spouse and show how classy you can be.
  1. Make new friends: It is always great to meet likeminded people. If you have no one to go with, don’t worry, you will surely find a few at the concert who love music just like you do.
  1. It’s like appreciating someone’s life’s work: Musicians playing at the concert are practicing since they were just 4 or 5. It is amazing to see how hard they have worked for it, and how good they have gotten. By sitting there, you will actually witness the results of their dedication and years of practice.
  1. It is cheaper than your think: Yes, symphony concert tickets are not expensive as you might think they are. In fact, rush tickets are sometimes less expensive than movie tickets.

5 reasons why you should take your kids to the symphony

  1. It’s like learning from famous musicians: There are a number of things which teachers try to teach students, but well they just find it too annoying and boring to learn. If you want your kid to learn it perfectly, it will be great if they see it someone famous practicing it. For instance, they will understand better why their teacher is insisting them to hold up the violin, place little finger on the stick, sit up straight, stand up straight, pull the bow straight, etc.
  1. If their teacher is the one performing: Your kids certainly has to see for themselves how good and perfect their teacher is. Besides, it provides extra moral support to them when they witness that their teachers are practicing what they preach.
  1. They will learn the concert manners: If you want to see your kid performing someday at a concert, make sure to inspire them enough to do so.
  1. They will learn to recover from their mistakes: When your kid will see how even the greatest musicians make mistakes, they will recover from their own easily.
  1. It is extremely inspiring: Seeing how good the musicians are will inspire your kid beyond any words and lessons.

So, make sure to attend the next symphony concert. Enjoy!

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