Know Memphis City Better By Understanding their History and Culture

Memphis is the city in Tennessee and is the 25th biggest city I the US. It is known for various sectors but majorly entertainment, commerce, art, music and education. The city is full of historical moments and cultural events.

Therefore, people plan visit Memphis only when there is any cultural event being, so that they can enjoy its history and get entertained as well. The city is also known for musical bands and famous musicians like Elvis Presley, Beale Street, art Galleries, museums, parks, amusements, cemeteries etc.

If one wants to know about Memphis better, they will have to understand its history and culture. Memphis was once known for its musical bands and Sun Studio which was first to discover Musical Genres like rock and roll, hip hop etc. However now it is also known for various other activities. To know better about current trend of Memphis, you can check online We Are Memphis news which is a nonprofit organization.

WeAreMemphis is an online site that keeps the society connected locally as well as globally. They are a collaboration of brand organizations and people with good background. They emphasize on bringing stories of various corners of community from every aspect and sector. Whether it is business, food, restaurants, clubs, events, sports, etc. all is captured by them to give you a picture of changing world of Memphis. Since they know that the power to change Memphis is in the hands of people.

However, to know more about its history and culture one should understand all sectors of the city –

  • Museums to understand History and art
  • Arts and culture

Museums to understand History and art

Memphis has good collection of masterpieces of art and metal work. This can be seen in various art museums. The work of Pissarro as well as Monet is displayed at the Dixon Museum. Even the Memphis Brooks Art Museum displays the masterpieces of 20th Century American as well as Italian Renaissance. If you want to see exclusive metalwork then you can visit Museum of National Ornamental Metal.

The Chucalissa Archeological Museum was created after few remaining of Mississippi was found in 1930. Memphis history is very diverse and vast therefore, while starting a tour of all museums you should keep plenty of time in hand. The Museum of National Civil Rights in South Main Historic District is an informative museum. This museum is built inside Lorraine Motel which is the assassination site of King Martin Luther Jr.

Arts and culture

Memphis is popular for its musical shows. Elvis Presley, live musical shows on Beale Street, B.B. King, and Sun Studio are some of the renowned names that have one thing common, Memphis. Each year performances are held and musical classical shows like Opera Memphis is composed by Verdi and Mozart. They perform in different venues all over the city. Also, Ballet Memphis which is founded in 1986 by Dorothy Pugh performs classical ballets Romeo and Juliet etc.

All these performances are held in some of the famous venues. The Orpheum Theatre, Playhouse, Germantown Performing art Centre are home to classical performances. All renowned people are welcomed and prefer these some of the famous venues for their exclusive performances. Whether it is live performances, Broadway shows, or movie series, every event is captured by theses venues.

Apart from history and culture you have many other things to explore in Memphis. Their cuisine, restaurants, clubs, entertainment and amusement parks, and children activities are there for everybody to enjoy. Get some time while visiting to Memphis and enjoy your stay.

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