Learn Some of The Best Ways to Pair Sake with Sushi

Though sake is not conventionally paired with the very popular Japanese dish “Sushi”, but people all across the globe enjoy the delectable taste of the combination of the two. If you are not sure what beverage will be best to drink with sushi, then this article will help you find the right one.

Here in this article, we will be sharing with you a sake pairing guide that will make it the right selection for a delicious meal.

What is sake?

Sake is amazingly unique, versatile and enigmatic Japanese dishes that compliment your food as delightfully as wine.

How is the sake formed?

Sake is a popular beverage that has a taste closer to beer. There is a complicated procedure involved in preparing it. The procedure used in making sake includes a “parallel fermentation.”

In this process, a mold spore named “koji” is added to the polished rice that makes it fermented. It is now followed with yeast for one more round of fermentation. Mostly sake available at the restaurants is dry in texture. Its strong floral notes generate a sweet sensation when you keep it on your palate.

Factors that determine the taste of sake

There are several factors that impact the taste provided by the sake. These are filtering, alcohol addition, dilution and pasteurization.

Complex Sushi Rolls

If you like going to a sushi restaurant that offers complex, and layered form of sushi rolls on their menu, then it is best to pair it using a mild form of sake. The idea behind it is to select a sake that would not overpower the taste of each bite by adding so many additional flavors to the overall mix. A mild sake made using airy and light flavors is definitely a good choice like an Onigoroshi.

Strong Flavored Fish

Some of the popular forms of sushi items present on the menu have got a strong fish smell and taste that stays in your mouth after the first bite. If you experience such type of flavor and want to get rid of it, then pairing it with a strong sake will help in neutralize the flavor. A Dai-Ginjo in cold or a warm form is considered to be an ideal choice to easily withstand the bold and strong taste of the fish.

Spicy Dishes

If you like spicy dishes, then you would not wish to reduce the spiciness of your sushi dish by pairing it with a badly paired sake. The best option would be to consider clean and dry sushi without a lot of floral notes that are present in other types of sakes. A Nobu TK40 or Junmai are excellent choices as they are dry and clean and do not reduce off the spice of your sushi dish.

Sweet Rolls

Salmon is the commonest form of fish that is best recognized for its sweet flavor. Sake that has floral and fruit aromas will be the best one to consider. One of the best sakes that you can try with your sweet sushi rolls is Nobu Junmai Dai-Ginjo.


Hope all these ways of pairing your sushi with sake, makes the dish all the more special and delicious.

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