How to Choose a Necklace For Your Lady?

Gifting is a very intimate process. If it is for the lady in your life, is it your mom or girlfriend or wife, the task is a bit challenging, especially, if you are a newbie to the scene of jewellery and gifting. However, that is easily remedied by these few tried and tested philosophies.

Her style

Gifting something that suits her style is a great way to remind her that you care about her choices. She could be nurturing a wild, bohemian spirit, which calls for a colourful necklace or a necklace with a bold focal point. She could be a minimalist, who needs subtle jewellery that would complement her soft personality and classy outfits.

She could be a fan of modernist jewellery or on the contrary, swear allegiance to vintage-styled pieces. The right style will win the occasion for you. The hard work that goes into choosing it, is worth the happiness you’ll see in her.

Types of necklaces

  1. Statement Necklaces

This is bold, chunky and colourful for the highly spirited and bubbly woman in her. You can let your imagination rein free to select from a myriad possibility from this. This will go well with her boho outfit and accessories.

  1. Minimalistic necklaces

They are thin long chains of gold, platinum or oxidised silver. They are very delicate in appearance with beads or gemstones scattered along the length. It can also sport a tiny pendant. These are good for layered necklaces.

This goes well with the classy, chic girl in her. It can be matched with her formal suits too.

  1. Pendant Necklace

This is a dainty piece with a colourful, eye-catching pendant dangling at the end of a chain. This is a safer option as it goes well with any outfit, be it formal or casual or classy. The pendant can be creative, bold, subtle or futuristic in design, depending on the taste of the lady.

  1. Pearl Necklace

A traditional string of classy white pearls is a sophisticated gift to the lady. This can be worn minimalistic or matched with other jewelry to create the bohemian look. It can be trendy or classical, whichever she chooses.

The chain and its length

The roffo or cable chain gives sports a thin chain, while snake or mesh chain is thicker. Short chains are generally 12”-18”, while chains 30” and above come under long chain category.


The occasion decides the gift. Statement or diamond chokers are perfect choices for wedding or anniversaries. A gemstone pendant necklace or a string of pearls looks good for graduation or birthdays.


Quality endures and endears.  Also, the love that goes into its making produces unique pieces of art like those by Mark Patterson and Harry Kotlar. Arman Sarkisyan jewelry is an art from the heavens.

Quality jewelry is what every woman would be happy with. It could be worn for years together and still keep the shine and sparkle, as new as it was.


Be it a petite pendant necklace or a choker statement piece, the right jewelry can leave her heart fluttering and promise you a moment that could be treasured.

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