Key Fashion Designers Need to Know The 1960s Style Defining Era

The 60s still offer today’s fashion designers endless inspiration. The 50s fashion tradition of full skirts, cinched waist, flawless hair and makeup was broken. The rebellious act mirrors the significant political and social changes of this decade. The decade introduced geometric prints, culottes, striking cuts, bold colors and rebellious youthful body silhouettes.

1960s revolutionary fashion

In this era, traditions were shattered and expressiveness was encouraged. It was influenced by youth, which created lots of style inspiration. The key fashion styles are mod, hippie and beatnik look. All the revolutionary style captured artful and fun spirit of that time.

1960s key fashion style

Mod fashion

Mod look was a signature style of this era, which made lasting impression. This style is still influencing today’s fashion. The look was bold and creative preferred by the youth, who wore bright colors, modern designs and high hemlines.

Beatnik fashion

Beatnik fashion was continuity from 50s into mid-1960s. Young people interested in music, poetry, literature, and arts wore this style. Unofficial uniforms included black turtlenecks along with berets, trousers and stripped tops.

Hippie fashion

Hippie fashion stemmed from beat movement got defined in late 1960s. This was a rebellious group towards the repressive societies. The hippie group allowed their hair to grow wild and long. Clothes popular among them were bell-bottom jeans, peasant blouses, floral prints, fringes, and colorful designs.

1960s outfits

Shift dresses

One of the signature style of 60’s Dresses was the favorite shift dress. It was cut short and had an A-line silhouette. Even today, you can choose a block or bold hue shift dress of the sixties style.


In 1960s, mini skirt made a debut. It was a shocking design for conservatives because legs got exposed. Today, mini skirt is yet an incredibly popular fashion outfit that is paired with knee-high boots in winter and sandals in summer.

Bold prints

Prints were bold and striking element of the 1960s. These loud prints ranged from bold stripes, colorful checks, striking floral to psychedelic designs. To embrace this look today, you can choose multicolored or monochrome print dress or a top.

Colorful tights

The 60s dresses and tops were colorful. Colors also found their way in tights. Colored tights were modern option to the stockings with suspenders that could not be worn with short dresses or miniskirts. Today, channel this look with striking hue pair like yellow, red or orange.

Go-Go boots

Iconic footwear style of the 1960s was low heeled, white and reached mid-calf. Overtime, variety of same styles like colorful kitten heeled design and knee high version has been launched in the footwear market.

1960s hairstyles

The 1960s era introduced many unforgettable looks ranging from chic pixie cuts and hippie waves to bohemian bangs and big bouffant styles. Even today, some bold styles of these era are popular.

1960s Makeup

Focus was on eyes including long spidery eyelashes and eye-shadow with cool tones. Lips were nude, natural brows, and pale matte foundation was the popular trend.

The 1960s era was revolutionary for fashion industry!

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