Try These Food Items to Get a Taste of Indian Cuisine

Do want to do a new type of culinary adventure? It is always better to try certain new cuisine for first time in life, which is also good for you.

Now the question is what can you try during your first-time visit? Often, we fail to decide which restaurant to go and we are not comfortable to try out some new dishes. There will be confusing names and not sure about their ingredients.

Therefore, in this article, we shall try to introduce with various menus of Indian restaurants so that next time you like to visit, then you know what you are doing.

Following are few items of Indian foods, which are bearing Indian names and hence you need explanation so that you can make your choice and decide whether to try it or not.

  1.  Samosa

Samosa is an Indian version of portable treats like Cornish pasties or bao. It is quite a popular Indian snack. It is triangular in shape which is quite crispy made of flour and inside there are potatoes, peas and sometimes onion too.

2. Chutney and raita

This is something that is provided with samosa and almost like a sauce. Chutney can be red or green. The red chutney can be tamarind which is sweet and sour. Green chutney is mint or coriander.

Raita is made of yoghurt with certain spice and herbal mix. Samosa can be dipped in chutney or raita while eating to enjoy its taste.

3.  Naan

It is a fat, round and fluffy bread which is amazing. You can dip it in chicken curry or rogan josh and eat.

4.  Pakora

It is another snack food like vegetable tempura. Pakora can have vegetables like potato, spinach, onion and sometime chicken and boiled egg too.

5.  Saag paneer

Sag paneer is another tasty Indian dish, where you will find cubes of cheese which is prepared with various Indian spices along with few different kinds of greens.

6.  Tandoori chicken

Tandoor is a kind of oven where chickens are roasted along with certain spices. Chicken becomes bright reddish with little orange too and the spice includes cayenne pepper, turmeric, paprika and chili powder.

It tastes really very delicious and also smells good.

7.   Chana masala

Here garbanzo beans which are called “chana” will be stewed down with chopped tomatoes and onions. Spices will be used are garlic, chili peppers along with Indian garam masala which consist of cinnamon, cumin, pepper, cloves and cardamom.

It is one of the great Indian vegetarian dishes.

8.  Chicken Korma

It is creamy and stew-like mixture where chicken pieces are braised where they also put coconut milk, yogurt or cream and few mild spices. You can also find cashews some time.

You can take it along with naan.

9.  Dahi puri

This is again a snack item which you can have couple of bites. Puris are made of flour with flavors in the each puffy puri. It is also dipped in sweet-sour chutney, yogurt, stiff red onions and herbals.

10.  Gulab jamun

It is Indian version of dessert where little dough balls will be fried and coated with sugary syrup and rosewaters. You can take few bites at the end.

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