What Are Curries And Their Different Varieties To Savor?

Curry leaves are herbs and are used a lot in the Indian cuisine. They belong to citrus family and the leaves have an extremely potent aroma. Curry leaves are used in the same way like bay leaves. Fresh leaves are stored in the freezer. The curry powder can be a combination of several spices. It may include 5 to 11 ingredients like coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, dry mustard, black pepper, and more.

What are ‘curries?’

Curry powder concept was introduced by the British. British colonists loved the recreation of South Indian flavors and used it. They even categorized all Indian spicy savories under ‘curries’. In India, there is no food existing as ‘curries’. Every country made their own version of curries after that. So, what does curry taste like?

  • In Japan, it is mild and sweet dish including gravy, veggies, and meat. It is served with rice.
  • In Jamaica, goat curry is popular and it uses pimento and allspice.
  • In Thailand, many regional ingredients are incorporated like coconut milk and fiery chilies. It is soupy.
  • In India, curries don’t exist people regard matar paneer, malai kofta or duma loo as curries. They are all gravy based dishes.

Which Indian curries are hottest?

Phaal – It is a British Asian curry, originated from Birmingham’s Indian restaurant. It is the hottest form as large amount of grounded chili pepper is used. It is gravy based thick curry including ginger and fennel seeds.

Madras – It is a hot and spicy plain curry dish served hot. Its color may differ from red to brown. Rich red color of the sauce is due to chili and tomatoes used liberally.

Vindaloo – It is an inflated version of Madras.

Which is the mildest curry?

Pasanda and Korma are mild curries. Pasand means favorite and is a regal taste from Moghul Emperor’s court. This creamy dish is made from prawns, chicken, lamb, cream, almond and paneer. Korma also includes thick cream, almonds and coconut. It is mild but far away from being bland.

Other Indian curries you must try


This stir-fried curry has a base of green chilies, bell pepper, and onions. It is the hottest curry in Indian restaurant menu. Its rich, hot, zingy sauce blends well with veggies or paneer. It originated in the British era, where cold roasted meat was stir and fried with potatoes.


Bhuna means spices are fried gently to improve the flavors then meat is added and cooked in their own juices. You get a medium hot curry with little sauce but deep strong flavor. An authentic taste without excessive thick cream or sauce.

Rogan josh

The taste of Kashmiri Lamb stew takes you in the beautiful mountains. It is a comforting dish for cold weather because of its warm flavors. The curry is medium hot and has rich sauce with deep red color including tomatoes, dried red chilies, and red pepper.


Balti means ‘bucket’ in India. It is a double handled wok, which is used to cook and serve the curry. It does not make a difference whether Balti was invented in Kashmir or Birmingham but its taste is awesome.

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