Cannabis-Infused Massage Can Offer Many Benefits

By taking a professional massage not only you can soothe your tired body, but also soothe your soul, particularly if the practitioner knows how to provide relaxation. It also relieves stressed muscles.

As a matter of fact, various scientifically proven pain-relieving properties of cannabis infused massage oil can perfectly complement to massage therapy.

Why CBD and THC in cannabis can enhance massage?

As a pain reliever and also anti-inflammatory agent, cannabis is quite well-known. There are number of massage experts nowadays using this property of cannabis in their massage too.

According to few massage experts, lots of benefits has been found about anti-anxiety properties offered by cannabis and also additionally it can help in reducing pain.

Various properties of cannabis together can create a perfectly suited companion for applying massage.

Our body will be coaxed into a deeper state of relaxation, and the muscles will get loose by reducing all inflammation, pain and anxiety and as such experienced massage therapists can deeply soothe away various problem areas.

Practitioners are incorporating cannabis oils and topicals massage

Number of massage therapists has agreed that they were quite excited to learn about various pain-relieving properties of cannabis. When they really used it in their massage parlor then their clients too liked it very much.

One massage therapist explained that she used to massage some areas like hip and wanted to do some new thing that will really relax her clients. She wanted a certain area where deep tissue was available so that deep tissue massage could be provided.

This kind of deep tissue massage will differ from the more commonly practiced massage called the Swedish massage.

What are various benefits of massage?

Massage therapists found lots of benefits of deep tissue massage as they were more effective, quite affordable to provide relief to chronic pain as compared to conventional medical remedies.

Following are few benefits of deep tissue massage:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood flow
  • Soothes tension in the muscles that are associated with chronic pain
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Provides stress relief
  • Rehabilitates muscles that have suffered injuries.

Since deep tissue massage need therapist to work much deeper in the muscles of the client, cannabis can act as a natural aid for loosening the muscles to allow them greater access.

Cannabis massage was found to be suitable for all ages of people with different lifestyles, and also massage needs.

The two-way benefits about cannabis massage

Not only were the benefits felt by the clients due to therapy provided by cannabis assisted massage but even the therapist too.

Massage therapists who find their job extremely physically demanding, which can leave them with their own pains and aches with traditional massage, found cannabis massage less stressful on their muscles too.

Most therapists use their hands a lot and they may ache really bad after they are done with the massage. However, after cannabis assisted massage they really don’t ache as much.

With legalization of cannabis in few states like Washington, Colorado and Oregon has been done, hence the country will surely continue to see the use of cannabis more commonly with various relaxation services like massage.

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