Understanding the Process Regarding Acquiring A Liquor License in Florida

Every place has its own alcohol laws. In Florida when you are hosting a business party where liquor is available for sale or when you want to open a liquor store it is essential to have liquor license. The 2 main licenses are SRX and Quota license.

The former one will be granted for restaurants that make minimum 51% revenue from food and non-alcoholic beverages and many other sub-factors. Quota license is held by bars and night clubs that do not meet the requirements of SRX.

They are issued only in limited numbers. More of it is issued when there is a rise in population by a particular count. There are more than 50 subcategories licenses available depending on the type of business.

Before acquiring Miami Dade liquor license, know in detail about the regulations associated with alcohol and the steps followed in order to get a liquor license. It is natural to get overwhelmed with the process as it quite complicated if you are a newbie.

The process may seem daunting but you can get the help of third-party services like ‘Beverage License Specialists’ who guide you with the process. They have been in the field for about 30 years and their team is happy to help you out with all your queries. Educate yourself about the alcohol laws first to remain on the safe side.

Drinking age:

The bartenders should be above 18 years of age while the national drinking age is 21. It is legal for an 18-year-old to work in premises selling alcohol only if the person doesn’t sell or handle liquor.

Purchasing Alcohol:

As per the general state law, it is not permitted to sell, consume or served by anyone between midnight and 7 am even if they hold license. There are few exceptions depending on the municipality. At Miami alcohol is available for sale 24*7. Spirits must be purchased only from packaged stores, unlike beer and wine which can be sold in supermarkets, convenience gas stations, and retail stores.

Other regulations:

It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in public properties. The same applies to a private property where the owner doesn’t approve of consuming alcohol.

Procedure to get a liquor license:

  • Learn which liquor license you would require
  • See if you are required to purchase a license or if the State would provide you with one
  • Purchase the respective liquor license
  • Apply for the license
  • Wait for approval

Check if the location you are about to finalize is zoned for selling/serving alcohol. You will be required to include your zoning approval document along with the liquor license application. You will be asked to submit your fingerprint to apply for liquor license. You need to register your business with a proper plan. If you want to hold a temporary license while waiting for approval, you can apply for one. Keep in mind to own a copy of the documents.

Failing to submit all the necessary documents would cause your license request to be denied which in turn would delay your business process. Read all the instructions carefully and make your process easier by seeking the service of license specialists.

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