Know the Dissimilarities Between LED Sign and Neon Sign

Installing a well-illuminated creative signboard is important for trading purpose. Your Company’s logo needs to shine brightly in the dark hours to attract people and making them aware of your business premises. Illuminated signboards act as your brand representative, thus it will be nice to look trendy, creative and long-lasting.

To create brand awareness of trade Neon signboards and LED signboards are often preferred by marketers and business people alike. If you are planning to install dazzling shining sign boards, it is best to know about their features. It will aid in judging the best one for advertising your trade.

Know exactly about neon signs:

In simple words, this signage is of glass tubes that can be bent artistically to create letters. The tube is filled with noble gas when electrified, it creates a bright illuminated glow. Even though it is named neon lights, there are other gases like argon, krypton, and helium present in the tubes. Even mercury and hydrogen are used to create different light effects. The usage of different chemical is to produce colourful signage. All gases emit varied colours, hence it can be rightly said that neon signs are the magical product of varied gases.

Best features of neon signs:

  • They last long. Good quality neon signs have a longer life span.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Provides quite a different classic look.

Know about LED signage:

It is light emitting diodes commonly known as LED. They are small light bulbs without a filament. Hence, they don’t warm up easily to burn out. When the tiny bulbs are combined together, they form a great illumination source. While using them to design signage the tiny bulbs are arranged in a kind of semi-translucent plastic that covers to protect them however let their bright light pass through. A coloured film is applied to the plastic to create different light effects. They are actually designed to incorporate advanced semi conductive material, thus little expensive. There is range of varied LED lights available, thus can choose the best for your trade signs.

Reasons for LED signs popularity:

  • They long last for decades.
  • Quite low maintenance.
  • No issues about their functioning even in cold nights.
  • Requires less energy to illuminate.

While comparing the pros and cons of both kind of signage, you won’t find much difference in their utility and durability.

What are the differences between Neon signage and LED signage?

  • Neon lights need high voltage compared to LED lights. Hence, to save energy consumption LED signage seems to be the most suitable ones.
  • Neon signage is made of glass, this need to be protected from outer elements whereas LED signage has acrylic cover not easily damaged. Moreover, LED are shockproof and quite little light eliminated, thus won’t get easily hot even while using for long hours.
  • Maintenance of Neon signage is little more comparatively, especially while using in all-year-round cold climate locations.

Neon signage is available in varied colors compared to LED signage. On the other hand, LED can be easily controlled by using wireless remote. Both brightly lighted types of signage are achieving great popularity. To know the right illuminated trade signage for your business, log on to websites visited for its creditability like Nordiskand.Se.

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