What You Need to Know About COVID-19 And Herbal Remedies?

Due to the outbreak of pandemic disease COVID-19, scientists are struggling a lot to find effective treatment methods to treat it.  In addition to social distancing, wearing face mask, China has started encouraging people to make use of herbal medicines to treat respiratory infection.

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Viral infections like cold, herpes, influenza, and more are being treated with herbal remedies from ancient days. Herbs such as ginger, ephedra, and licorice are used in treating respiratory infections.

Few remedies are even tested effective in laboratories, but unfortunately there is not much research studies are available to prove herbal remedies are useful in treating COVID-19. Eventually, we may find certain herbs are beneficial to fight against the virus, but it this is not a right time to experiment on herbal remedies.

How herbs help with viruses

Herbal remedies are not new to the world. These remedies have been used from a very long time, even when there is no medical advancement. Few thinks herbal remedies will improve immune system by keeping body in healthy place to fight against the infections.

While others believe these remedies are strong antivirals that can prevent replication of virus within the body. Each viral infection is different and every virus differs in its behavior and structure. So, it is difficult to believe that herbal remedies offer similar benefits with COVID-19 too.

Insufficient data on COVID-19 and herbs

In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove the effect of natural medicines. The main reason for it is insufficient funds for the research. As there is various parts of plant like stem, leaf, root, and flower, so it’s difficult to analyze on each of them.

Although, research is going on to study how herbs can be used in treating COVID-19, but it takes time to obtain results and to know side-effects of using them.

There can be side-effects

Like other medications, herbal remedies can also cause side-effects. For instance, licorice, herbal remedy recommended by china official for coronavirus that helps to treat herpes effectively, but it can cause fluid retention and induce hypertension.

Moreover, immune system of few people is overreacting for COVID-19 that is more problematic compared to the virus itself. Few herbs boost immune system more if misused, so it is essential to have adequate knowledge when using herbs. Also, many natural and natural medicines are of low quality that is these products are spiked with few other botanicals.

Botanicals work on a person depending on many factors like health, symptoms, and age. So, the effect of them varies from one person to other. Before taking any herbal medicine speak to your doctor, don’t experiment with herbs in case you have the virus.

Take necessary precautions to protect yourself from the pandemic virus like washing hands frequently, social distancing, wearing face mask, etc.

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