Thoughtful Additions to your Shoe Collection

On a recent lazy afternoon when we should have been finishing budgets and unpacking boxes in our new office, we found ourselves doing a little virtual shoe shopping instead. Our inability to correctly prioritize what we should be working on does have at least one upside. We uncovered a boatload of beautiful shoes during our “research recess” and happily assembled this story with some our favorite finds. There are many theatrical, dazzling, and over-the-top footwear options this season, but sometimes you want something a little more restrained than, say, six-inch Giuseppe Zanotti Cut-Out Wedges to go with your most expensive Gucci sunglasses, for example. Our selections are basic without being boring and will thoughtfully supplement any shoe collection (full or sparse alike).

  1. Acne Iman Platform Oxford Pump ($519)
    We are obsessed anew with Acne Jeans thanks to their latest addition to the shoe universe. It’s difficult to accurately communicate how cool these beige distressed suede lace-ups are without sounding brainwashed. Just trust us when we tell you they’re sublime, from their leather laces to their peep toes, and very Chloe Sevigny to boot.
  2. ProenzaSchouler Strappy Stud Sandals ($725)
    We like any shoe that looks like it could draw blood, and these runway sandals from ProenzaSchouler are no exception to that rule. We give the makers of this shoe two thumbs up for the black cracked leather straps (especially the worn-in patina) and the medieval studs on the stacked heel. Talk about tough love…
  3. ASOS Leather Cut-Out Flat Sandal ($80)
    A lady cannot live in heels alone (though some of us like to try), so for those moments when one doesn’t want the adjective “vertiginous” applied to their shoes we’d like to suggest these simple sandals. The metallic trim is a nice touch, as is the wide weave of the leather straps.
  4. Steven by Steve Madden BanglezSandals ($129.95)
    Etro fans, pay attention, because the latest offering from Steve Madden could have been torn from the fashion house’s most recent runway show. The leather gladiators are embellished with multi-tone metal studs and come in white, as shown, silver, and black. (Technically it comes in gold too, but we prefer the other options.)
  5. Nine West Heech Sandals ($89)
    Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe the office reaction when we spotted these simple gladiator wedges. They’re a guilt-free version of a celebrity-favorite Balenciaga sandal (as seen on Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen) and an immediate must-buy.
  6. Cynthia Vincent Dinah Sandals ($200)
    Another super sharp spring shoe we’re mooning over is the triple buckle Dinah Sandal by Cynthia Vincent. It’s particularly wearable in the above tobacco color and is an excellent combination of form and function.
  7. Sigerson Morrison 7802 Flats ($469)
    Everyone’s been screaming about the Balenciaga high-heeled, black-and-white, leather sandal boots for months now, but they’re just so ridiculously hard to wear. Price and lack of availability aside, that is a case of the shoes wearing you, not you wearing shoes, if you know what we mean. That said, we have a not-so-secret crush on these woven Sigerson Morrison flats. The detailing makes what could be another ho-hum pair of black ballet flats something special and timeless.

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