Are You Interested to Know About Rolling Papers Used for Smoking Marijuana?

There can be a number of ways to smoke marijuana like using bong, cookie, dab or a joint.

People may debate about the best way of consuming cannabis, however the method of consuming that leads to one of the best “high” and also do least damage to the lungs should always be preferred.

Most people like joints, but there can always be some damage, when you start burning the cannabis and paper.

Various rolling papers you find in the market are mostly manipulated by their manufacturers in a number of ways by enhancing flavor or make the joint such that it burns faster.

As a result, you end up damaging some amount of your lungs for sure. From online head shop you can buy these rolling papers supplied by express smoke shop, which are known for supplying various quality smoke products.

In this write up, we shall provide you little relevant information about these rolling papers, that most of you may be interested to know.


Though exact history of the rolling paper is almost forgotten by people, but few legends tell that it was originated in the Spain. When Christopher Columbus came back after his first voyage, then he told people about new way of smoking tobacco.

Initially, people started rolling tobacco in the newspaper and smoke, as it was easier to burn. However, newspaper used was found to be too unhealthy and thus rolling paper was born.

Soon they became popular in the European countries as well as in North America, when taxation on cigarette was increased. People started buying more rolling papers to avoid tax. Now stoners have also started using these rolling papers.

How to choose your rolling paper?

Selecting the right kind of rolling paper is entirely a personal decision and that can impact on your experience of smoking marijuana.

Following are few things that you need to see while buying rolling papers.

  1. Size

Depending upon your type of weed that you are going to smoke, you will choose your paper. Following are few choices

a. Single wide

For beginners it may be bit difficult to handle single wide paper due to their smaller sizes.

b. Double wide

You must roll them properly otherwise you will end up smoking more paper.

c. King

People who are interested to make larger circles of smoke may prefer this size.

2. Flavor

Flavored papers can surely offer better sensory experience and you can choose your preferred flavor. But the downside is that it can harm on your taste and also your health.

3. Stay away from colored papers

It is always preferable not to use white paper that is bleached to obtain different colors. Few other papers which have different kind of bright colors usually are phony and should also be discarded.

Always prefer for papers that are most natural looking.

4. Avoid any thicker rolling paper

If your paper is thicker then you will end up taking in various chemicals and bad stuff while puffing. So, always prefer thinner paper that will produce less amount of smoke.

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