CBD Oil And Dogs – How Do They Fit With Each Other

CBD, or also known by the name cannabidiol, is actually a type of CBD supplement that has made quite a name in the world of cannabis extracts today. It is quite famous for treating many ailments such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and so on.

Just like humans, dogs also suffer from anxiety issues. If you feel like the behavior of your dog is changed to aggressive, destructive, restless, pacing, and other such abnormal ones, then understand that your dog is going through a severe case of anxiety. You can take help from the CBD supplements to take care of such odd behaviors of your pet.

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Finding the right CBD supplement for Your Dog

You cannot just randomly buy the CBD oil for your dog. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, before planning to buy the right cannabis supplement for your dog and are listed below.

  • Look for the products that are hemp-derived in nature.
  • Supplements that are available with the guaranteed lab-tested results is the best choice, as they will be free from heavy metals and pesticides.
  • CBD supplements that are derived from coconut-oil is best for your dogs.

Right Dosage of CBD Oil for Your Dog

You cannot just choose the dosage of CBD oil for your dog, just the way you take the supplement. The body working system of the canines are entirely different from that of the humans, and hence choosing the same dosage of CBD oil like you take might cause negative effects on your dog.

The best way of finding the right dosage for your dog is by consulting your veterinarian. They will be well versed with the body system of your dog and can suggest the right dosage for your dog.

Finding the Best Amounts of CBD Oil Per Day

The vets normally consider many factors, while suggesting the right daily dosage of CBD oil for your dog. One of such factors include the age and also the current health condition of your dog. The initial dosage of the CBD supplements starts from milligrams. The dosage will be either maintained at the same level or will be raised based on the reaction of the dogs to CBD oil intake.

Sometimes, the daily dosage of CBD oils will be decided based on the body weight of the dogs.

Can Your Dog OD on CBD Oil?

Just like the body of a human being, your dog also requires some time to get adjusted to the CBD oil intake. During the initial stages of CBD intake, your dog might exhibit certain changes in its behavior. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog has overdosed on CBD oil and is exhibiting such behaviors.

Anything taken at the right dosage will serve as the excellent medicine for the body. This saying goes for a dog too. Understand what your dog needs and find the right dosage of CBD oil for it.

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